Acting in the Here & Then: The Theatre of Working Together, 2017-2087

sam_TFFriday 20 October, Transacting with the future

Acting in the Here & Then: The Theatre of Working Together, 2017-2087

Acting in the Here and Then: The Theatre of Working Together, 2017-2087 offers participants an experience of creative engagement with the potential for the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ (TIHR) work over the next 70 years, drawing on practices fundamental to many actors, directors, and crew in the work of creating live theatre. In an active, experiential, and (above all) playful exploration, facilitators and participants will co-investigate work through two primary “lenses:” the notions and uses of status and role onstage, and the construction, use, and/or destruction of the “fourth wall” boundary often understood to separate actors and audience.

We believe that these lenses, used most frequently by theatre artists, carry profound implications for collaborators in all fields of work and play. To explore this hypothesis, the workshop will offer experiential investigations of status, role, and the fourth wall boundary, through activities including facilitator demonstrations; individual guided exercises; games in pairs and groups; and individual, small group, and full-group reflection (as time and group interest permit.) Neither “performance” during the workshop, nor prior theatre experience, is required or expected – only thoughtful, playful engagement in the context of the TIHR’s extraordinary celebration.

Transacting with the future

  • Garden Museum
    Lambeth Palace Road
    London SE1 7LB
  • Jessica Burlingame
    Kevin G. Coleman



Jessica Burlingame (Housatonic, MA, USA) offers coaching, team/organizational consultation, and training and development services that integrate business-based frameworks and techniques with theatre-based and psychodynamic approaches. She has worked with organizations including The Condé Nast Publications, Citigroup, and The Bridgespan Group (an affiliate of Bain & Company). She holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in literature from Columbia University, and completed additional undergraduate work at the University of Bologna. Recent theatre roles include The Winter’s Tale (Camillo) and Twelfth Night (Feste).

Kevin G. Coleman (Lenox, MA, USA) is a founding member and Education Director of Shakespeare & Company who directs mainstage productions and teaches text, stage combat, clown and rhetoric. He was a 2016 Tony Award finalist in Theatre Education, and has taught, directed or been a guest artist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Lincoln Center (NYC), the Folger Library (Washington, DC), and both Stratfords (UK and Ontario).

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