Customising TIHR Traditions: Dialogue Towards an International Symposium

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Customising TIHR Traditions: Dialogue Towards an International Symposium

An opportunity to collectively reflect on: “How the TIHR traditions influence my practice of … in dealing with … and what and how I have customised for my particular situation or circumstance”.

Convened by Jean Neumann (Tavistock Institute’s Professional Partner and Senior Fellow in Scholarly Practice) and Antonio Sama (Tavistock Institute’s Professional Partner and Faculty at Christ Church Business School), you are welcome if you identify with the schools of thought associated with TIHR. If you have attended any of the Institute’s professional development programmes or have been influenced by the Institute traditions in your professional practice, you might benefit particularly from sharing your experiences with simpatico people of how TIHR traditions have informed your practice and what we, collectively, can learn about their fitness to address today’s organisational and societal challenges. Subsequently, this dialogue will contribute to the designing of a Symposium on the Institute history and contemporary relevance for the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago 2018

We offer a 90-minute’s collective reflective space (e.g., “cocktail party”, “median group”) where participants speak to the topic.

Evolving practice & the informed society

  • Garden Museum
    Lambeth Palace Road
    London SE1 7LB
  • Jean Neumann
    Antonio Sama



Jean Neumann BA, MA, PhD serves as Professional Partner and Senior Fellow in Scholarly Practice for the Tavistock Institute. A founding faculty and director of studies for the Advanced Organisational Consultancy (AOC) programme (1993-2009), she continues to hold the dual aims of using theory to improve practice as well as practice to clarify theory. Jean’s private practice offers individual and small group consultation to organisational consultants and change managers.

Antonio Sama BSc, MA is a Tavistock Institute’s Professional Partner and Programme Director for the MBA Healthcare and Education for the Christ Church Business School. Antonio teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels both in the UK and Italy. He consults to third sector and community organisations.

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