Festival Social Dreaming Matrices

sam_TFFriday 20 October, Letters from the new social ecology, Thursday 19 October, Tuesday 17 October, Wednesday 18 October

Festival Social Dreaming Matrices

What Did You Dream About Last Night?

Festival dreamers you are warmly invited to take part in our daily inquiry to explore what collective meanings we can find from sharing our overnight dreams and what they might tell us about our current shared experiences and understandings.

The festival Social Dreaming will follow on from two previous series held as part of the archive cataloguing process, that coincided with extraordinary world events: to mention a few Brexit, the nomination and election of President Trump.   What will be going on in October when the context of the Social Dreaming matrices will be the festival celebrations, its question of  reimagining human relations, the phenomenal happenings of that time in London and further afield?

Facilitated by international experts in the methodology and Tavistock staff, the story of each event will be written up on the archive blog as part of a continuing and unique record of the relationship between dreams and the archive.  Dreamers and their dreams will be anonymised.

The Social Dreaming events take place in the Reading Room at the Wellcome Library each morning of the festival between 10.30am – 11.45am. No booking required, please just turn up on the day. 



Facilitated by international experts in Social Dreaming methodology and Tavistock staff.

Letters from the new social ecology

  • 10.30am - 11.45am
    17th - 20th October
  • Reading Room
    Wellcome Library
    183 Euston Road
    London, NW1 2BE
  • Various


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