Recreating the War Officer Selection Boards – the Archivist’s experience

This blog is the first in a three part series about the experiences of an archivist, a historian and a social researcher in running the War Officer Selection Boards (WOSBs) in the Wellcome Library’s Reading Room last year. “And so if you think you are trainable as an officer, it is clearly your duty to volunteer for testing at a … Read More

New Materials, New Methodologies: Joining the TIHR Archive Project

As a recently qualified Archivist, I have taken on the role of Project Archivist for this exciting project. In my first blog post, I offer just a short reflection on my new role and what it means to be newly involved at this exciting stage. Beginning a new job always brings that age old mixture of excitement, apprehension and wariness … Read More

Stepping into Practice

Joining the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) as a Researcher and Consultant in July 2015 was for me an exciting step into a more immediate social science practice. Having developed a career in academic anthropology and museology over the previous decade, this was not an incremental step but something far more transformative. Transformative processes are challenging, both for the … Read More

A review of part 2 Social Dreaming

A review of the second social dreaming series by Hannah Walsh This time the review began with a shorter social dreaming matrix Facilitation: Valerie Brown and Mannie Sher 10 people were present, 6 dreams and 11 associations were made. The Matrix A sepia coloured dream taking place at a cool conference. The mother in law of the dreamer was there, … Read More