Crossing Borders

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Crossing Borders

The video, Crossing Borders visualises the journeys of people experiencing forced migration. Based on performances of a Slow Walk in Australia and Denmark, the video explores the nature of boundaries – real and symbolic, lived and imagined – in the observed experiences of groups walking through time and space, and in a public space. A Slow Walk is a performance artwork, a form of embodied knowing, enabling the creation of new thoughts, insights and understandings of self in relation to others, of group identification, forces of dehumanisation and corresponding responses, and of what it feels to ‘walk in the shoes of another’.


Jinette de Gooijer, Nuala Dent, Suzie Bourne, Crossing Borders, video, 2017


Jinette de Gooijer, PhD, MAppSci, BSocSci, BVA, formerly Director of Innovative Practice P/L, is a founding member and Past President of Group Relations Australia. She has directed and worked on staff of group relations conferences in Australia and internationally. Jinette is an exhibiting artist.

Nuala Dent, MAppSci(OrgDyn) provides consulting services in leadership development and organisational change and is a doctoral candidate at La Trobe University. Her research focuses on the experience of a team that works across multiple locations.

Suzie Bourne, MAppSci(OrgDyn), BA(PR), is an organisational consultant specialising in communications, change and organisation development. She is a practicing artist in installation and photography and trained as an art therapist to bring arts-based methods more formally into her consulting practice.

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