Exploring Connectedness

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Exploring Connectedness

This observed dialogue between former teacher and student, explored a key concept arising from the work of The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies. The dialogue explored implications that connectedness has for the work of leadership, organisational and societal transformation, and the core experience of being human.

Connectedness refers to unconscious, spiritual, unseen experiences of other-ness, self, and One-ness.

This concept was a critical development of the work of The Grubb Institute where 50 years of action-research enabled understanding of systemic dynamics to move beyond person-in-system, taking into account universal and spiritual factors at play. The working hypothesis is that enquiring into the fullness of human experience in role offers great possibilities for sense-making, liberation, and transformation.

Background – in 1963 Ken Rice of the Tavistock Institute was approached by Bruce Reed of Christian Teamwork. The purpose was to investigate how group dynamics might further research into how leaders utilise faith, values and beliefs as a resource; the foundations of thinking regarding Connectedness with Source. The consultancy, action-research and conceptual development later moved into business, educational institutions, and prisons. In 1969 the name changed to The Grubb Institute where the focus on action-research deepened, resulting in numerous books, papers, academic programmes, and cutting edge consulting practises.


  • TIHR70 Festival, Photo: Spencer TIHR70 Festival, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Photo: Tierick Spencer
  • TIHR70 Festival, Photo: Spencer TIHR70 Festival, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Photo: Tierick Spencer

Evolving practice & the informed society

  • 4pm - 5.30pm
    Wed 18th October
  • Swiss Church
    79 Endell St
    WC2H 9DY
  • John Bazalgette
    Olivia Margo


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John Bazalgette was a Senior Organisational Analyst at The Grubb Institute as well as MA Programme Director and subsequent Special Advisor. He joined the Institute in 1966 as a project officer and has been an integral part of the action-research, conceptual development, and educational arm of the Institute, including directing group relations conferences. He has been involved in publishing five books and many papers. He now works independently, writing, supervising, and furthering the applications and development of the TEF.

Olivia Margo is a graduate of the Grubb Masters’ degree programme in Organisational Analysis and former Faculty member. She is a Principal Consultant at Bridge Partnership where she works mostly on Executive team development and effectiveness. Current clients span fin-tech, FMCG, media, and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked both as an external and in-house Consultant and Coach in the UK, Asia and Australia.