Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #2: Wed 18 Oct 2017

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #2: Wed 18 Oct 2017 Tuesday 18th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading RoomHosts: Franca Fubini and Matt Gieve(NB. We changed our designation from Facilitator to Host) Context:25-30 participants present 19 were dreams presented Content: Several key themes emerged from the dreams and association of the second dreaming matrix. The matrix was preoccupied by apocalyptic visions; of flooding, dangerous … Read More

Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #1: Tue 17 Oct 2017

Notes from Festival Social Dreaming Matrices #1: Tue 17 Oct 2017 Tuesday 17th October 10.30-11.45, Wellcome Collection Reading RoomHosts: Debra Noumair and Leslie Brissett (NB. We changed our designation from Facilitator to Host) Context: 35 to 46 members present Gender distribution predominantly female, only 8 men in the Matrix 14 dreams were presented Content: “There is so much fear confusion and unhelpful behaviour … Read More

No Phoenix from the Ashes!

The stock of the Tavi Institute is 70 and we are celebrating its rich history with a true festive bang! “The second anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi’s death falls on January 30, 1950. I did not see him die; I did not see the reaction to the murder in any of the big centres of population; but what I did see was the effect of … Read More

Goodwill greeting from The Rockefeller Foundation

The 70th anniversary of the Tavistock Institute is a significant achievement that deserves all our admiration and attention. Congratulations on organizing yet another incredible festival. We so wish that we could be there with all of you on this special occasion. As an institution that just recently had our own 100th-year anniversary, we recognize the importance of your tenure and the … Read More

Final Festival Picks

With a week to go to the opening day of Reimagining Human Relations in our Time, there is still time to curate your own festival programme and below we offer final highlights from across the different venues. Don’t forget ‘In the Shadows and Light of the Archive’ our symposium centrepiece of the festival on Thursday 19th October in Conway Hall. Impact of … Read More

Announcing Release of New Material

Since October 2015, the archive of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has been undergoing a transformation. The cataloguing of the extensive and varied materials for preservation and access has been at the heart of this, and the extent of materials available for consultation is steadily increasing day on day. Each new release of materials reveals more and more about … Read More

TIHR 70 Festival Picks 3

Antonio Sama, TIHR Professional Partner and key contributor to the festival team and the ongoing archival work selects his stand out moments from the festival programme. Don’t forget to book your place at our festival centrepiece taking place on Thursday 19th October – a symposium of four thought provoking pieces offering a deep reflection on the meaning of the Institute’s work and history. … Read More

TIHR 70 Festival Symposium

Book your place at ‘In the Shadow & Light of the Archive’. Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time is a festival celebrating 70 years of the Tavistock Institute. At the heart of the festival is the Institute’s archive which over the last two years has been intricately and delicately catalogued at Wellcome Library. On Thursday 19th October we will host the … Read More

Where are the festival venues?

From the early planning stages of the festival the team met to decide where we would like the events to be hosted. It seemed obvious that the festival would take place in the home city of the Tavistock Institute, London and that we would use multiple venues, offering creativity and flexibility for the wide range of events the festival brings … Read More